Soulmate Astrology

Karmic and Soul Mate Connections in Astrology


Things to search for in Synastry: soulmate astrology


Feel The Rhythm: Ascendant Connections


Keep in mind the force of the Ascendant! It very well might be not challenging to underplay, or even excuse, by and large, the Ascendant’s job in relational relationships when we consider the Ascendant the “cover” we wear when we meet others. If the Ascendant is a simple cover, shouldn’t it just be significant at the absolute starting point of a relationship? We don’t think so. Indeed, we feel that the Ascendant has a progressing, crucial job in relationships, everything being equal, including dependable, balanced relationships. We have observed that interactions between Ascendants can be the wellspring of a crucial clash or agreement on a body level.


Recollect also that the Ascendant characterizes the Descendant, an exceptionally delicate relationship point in the natal chart.


You Complete Me: Grand Trines in Synastry


As far as we can tell, perhaps the most impressive marks of a unique relationship happen when a basic ternary in one individual’s natal chart is successfully transformed into a Grand Trine by someone else’s planet(s), mainly when it includes individual planets. For instance, in one individual’s chart, Mars is in the early levels of Sagittarius and thirds the Moon in the early levels of Aries. A planet in the early levels of Leo would frame a Grand Trine in this present local’s chart. However, it doesn’t exist. Her partner’s Sun fills this example for what it’s worth in the early levels of Leo. A unique bond exists between the locals. This strong association is compelling when it is responded to.


Haven’t We Met Before?: Nodes of the Moon


Numerous astrologers consider the Nodes of the Moon a significant hub, and some accept the hub connects with previous existence associations. Whether or not you concur with speculations of resurrection, this pivot is a delicate point in any chart, and it manages significant life illustrations. When strong contacts exist with the Nodes of the Moon in synastry, there is a profound impulse to be together. Peruse more insight regarding the Nodes of the Moon in Synastry here.


You are Made for Me: The Vertex


A lesser-known point in any natal chart is the vertex. It acts practically like an optional relative. There is a destined quality appended to the vertex. Strong introspects, including the vertex, are found in the synastry of individuals who feel they are made for one another.


Sign Interchanges


When sign places of planets are traded, there is a unique similarity and interest. For instance, if one individual has a Sun in Aries and Venus in Taurus, and someone else has Sun in Taurus and Venus in Aries, even though they will act differently, this pair will make them interest exchanges in their relationship.


I Feel For You: Sun/Moon Contacts


There is a natural bias when one partner’s Sun makes an angle with the other’s Moon. The Moon individual backs the Sun in calm, however significant ways, and the Sun individual gives back in kind with asserting energy.


You Rock My World: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (and Chiron) Connections


When the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) figure strongly in the synastry of two people, for the most part, an intense sensation of being uplifted and changed through contact with one another, Chiron figuring conspicuously in synastry is by all accounts similarly as powerful.


You Give My Life Meaning: Sun/Moon Midpoint Connections


An individual’s Sun/Moon midpoint () is a mark of incredible affectability. In a natal chart, planets that structure a hard angle to this point are featured and will more often than not uncover a strong feeling of predetermination and personality. Naturally, when a planet in someone else’s chart makes a complex viewpoint to this point in a local’s chart, that other individual will, in general, provide the local with a sensation of direction and which means.


Space rocks: Eros and Psyche


Love and Psyche

Medard, Eugene

A few astrologers are concentrating on the job of space rocks in astrology. Strong associations between the space rocks Eros () and Psyche () in synastry highlight a genuinely solid, intense and sexual relationship.


The Composite Chart


Soulmates consistently have a solid composite chart. Their composite chart isn’t dispersed—it contains a lot of solid perspectives and associations. The Sun and Moon are, for the most part, strongly aspected (not really with one another), and comparative examples exist with the other individual planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars.


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