Post Office Changes Usher More People Towards Courier Deliveries

There have been many changes to the way the post office works in recent years; in particular there have been changes to the name of the company, closures of local post offices and most recently there have been changes to sorting offices in the North of England met with complaints as York’s letters are now being rerouted through Leeds instead. this page

The amount of bad press and confusion has been increased by the rise of an alternative service that is able to perform to a high standard and has earned the reputation of being the best method of sending parcels as well as important and urgent letters. These companies are known as couriers, couriers and parcel delivery specialists have cropped up in large numbers in recent years as the demand for a secure and swift parcel delivery service has come about. Shopping online and people starting home businesses has also contributed to the parcel traffic we have today.

A courier is able to deliver more items that the post office may have had to refuse on the grounds of them being too heavy or too large. Considering the post office has to handle all of the other letters, bills and unfortunately junk mail so larger parcels may be too much to ask of the postal service but couriers operate independently and typically have much less items to send but can also handle these large orders and even large consignments containing many items.

A courier having their own network means that they have their own sorting offices, delivery trucks and vans; they even have their own freight aircraft which help to make sure that international deliveries are delivered within a short space of time too. Many deliveries that people would have expected to take weeks to arrive at their destination would actually take just a few days although if you are shipping parcels to further afield countries such as the United States of America the quicker services are going to cost you a significant amount to send.

Couriers also include many features you would have had to pay extra for if you had ordered a parcel delivery at the post office, one such feature is the parcel tracking code, this code allows you to go on to the company’s website and get your parcel’s location instantly for added reassurance. Couriers will also collect your parcel from you whether you are at home or work and can make multiple delivery attempts at the other end if your parcel’s recipient isn’t home on the first try.



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